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Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy 

Cancellations and Rescheduling policy is at the bottom of this page --  Please read this carefully. You will agree to it on the online booking program and when you sign your client information form.

 1)  Please arrive AT your scheduled appointment time but NO EARLIER than 5 minutes before your appointment.  You will receive your full session time, but you will be at my office for about an extra 15 minutes.  This allows time to go over your health history, your goals and preferences, undressing/dressing, rebooking, etc.  For example: a 90 minute session beginning at 2:00pm would be concluded at 3:45pm (90 minutes plus 15 minutes extra).  If you arrive early and find the door to the suite locked, you will find chairs in the lobby through which you entered and bathrooms at the T-intersection of the hallways.

2)  Finding us.  I am located in the large red brick office building directly opposite the McDonald's. Despite GPS information, there is
NO ACCESS FROM THE FRONT PARKING LOT and no external signage for Mt Lebo Massage.  You MUST enter via the back parking lot.  The entrance lobby to the building is under the largest green overhang next to the blue U.S. Post Office drop boxes. When you enter, you are already on the 4th floor and Mt Lebo Massage is in Suite 418.  

3) Please give some thought on your way over to what you would like to focus on.  I want to plan the session to focus on the areas and results that are important to YOU.  If you have had previous bodywork, think about what you particularly liked and/or found most helpful.  If there was something that didn't work for you, that is also useful information to share with me.

4) What to wear:  While I want you to undress to your comfort level, if you have no preference, I prefer that you undress completely for your massage session. I will leave the room while you undress and get under the sheet and blanket on the massage table.  To respect your privacy and keep you warm, each area to be worked will be uncovered, massaged, and then redraped.  These are areas that will be decided on ahead of time by us (everything private remaining that way).  Working without clothing allows me the best and easiest access to your muscles, particularly to your hips and low back.  

If you have a preference to keep some clothing on, loose clothing that can be shifted around is helpful.  For women, this usually means loose underwear and/or a bra that can be unhooked and then rehooked for back and shoulder work;  For men, who may need hip/glut/low back/upper thigh work, briefs are easier than boxers. As they say, "Suit yourself."  Your comfort, physical and psychological, is the most important thing. I will make whatever you are wearing work.  Some clients remove everything and some remove just their shoes. (No Judgement!) You choose, but if you have no preference, I like completely undressed.

5) Tipping is always appreciated, but not necessary. The best tip you can give to a small business is rebooking or referring your friends and family.

 6) All clients agree to give at least 24 hours notice for cancellations/rescheduling.  (POLICY BELOW) You will receive a 48-hour confirmation request by text, a 24-hour reminder of your appointment by email, and a 2-hour reminder by text message via the online booking system.   The 48-hour reminder provides an excellent opportunity to cancel or reschedule your appointment without incurring a fee. 

7) Make sure the email you received upon booking your session is accurate and that your calendar matches ours.

8) Late arrival. If you are late to your massage, you are welcome to receive whatever time is left in your appointment. If possible, I will accommodate your original session length.

9) Please review our policies for canceling and rescheduling below.

I have reserved your appointment time JUST for you and require at least 24-hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment.   Please call or text me at 412-427-9047 anytime and leave a message. This gives me the greatest opportunity to put someone into your reserved appointment time.

Note:  regardless of when you cancel or reschedule, if I am able to fill the appointment: no charge. 

To retain the full value of your reservation deposit or gift certificate (GC), you are always welcome to send someone in your place if you cannot give the required notice.

  • Cancel/change your appointment with at least 24-hours notice: no problem, no charge.
  • Cancel between 4 hours and 24 hours, we split the financial loss evenly. You pay 50% (or redeem 50% of your GC) of your appointment and I lose 50% of my income. 
  • Cancel with less than 4 hours notice: full charge or full redemption of your GC.
  • No show, no notice: if you simply do not show up for any reason, with no notice, I will charge your card on file for the session or fully redeem your GC.

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