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​​​​​​​​​​​​Mt. Lebo Massage

Marta B. Magaw, Licensed Massage Therapist

Mt. Lebo Massage

250 Mt. Lebanon Blvd., Ste. 418, Pittsburgh, PA 15234

(412) 427-9047      www.mtlebomassage.com


A massage tailored specifically to your needs and preferences.

     Each massage session is uniquely personalized using techniques and pressure appropriate to your needs and preferences, so that you can let go of the tensions of your day, and your body, mind, and spirit can relax into a place of comfort and ease. 

      Whatever blend of techniques we choose for your massage, you will get a peaceful room, soft lighting, and relaxing music.  If you find heat appealing, your massage will include some combination of cozy blankets, a heated massage table, a heating pad, hot stones, and hot towels.

     Your massage will probably include many "styles" of massage all mixed together, depending on what we want to accomplish in each area.  I will almost certainly draw on Swedish and deep tissue in every massage.  Other styles might crop up too: sports, neuromuscular, Reiki, trigger point, orthopedic assessment, assisted stretching, rocking, etc. I'm more concerned with using whatever tools I have to accomplish your goals than with what we call the work.  If a particular technique is important to you, please discuss it with me. 

     Before your massage, I will ask you to fill out a brief health history and together we will determine what areas you would like to have focused on— those may be areas that hold tension or discomfort for you, something you particularly like, or a combination. 

     I will then leave the room and ask that you undress to whatever levelyou are comfortable with: for some people, this is naked; for others, underwear; for others, almost fully-clothed. You will then get under a sheet and I will knock on the door before entering. 

     Together we will spend a few minutes determining what massage pressure feels best to your body and then you will be free to drift into a relaxed state, knowing that at anytime you are welcome to request a change in pressure or area, more heat or air-conditioning, a blanket or extra pillow, etc.  As the massage progresses, each area that we have decided to work with will get individually undraped, massaged, and then re-draped, so that you feel warm and secure.   

     To the extent that it feels comfortable to you, I encourage us both to be silent during your massage, so that you can be present in your body and in your breath.  This time is a gift to yourself.  Perhaps you will drift in and out of "not awake and not asleep," maybe  you will hear yourself snore; or, maybe you will be relaxed but alert and ready to head off refreshed into the rest of your day. All of these are healing states, opportunities for your whole system to have quiet time away from the many stresses and interactions of your daily life.   

     Please feel free to speak at any time if something about your session could be just a little more wonderful. I want you to leave relaxed and happy and firmly convinced that you had a really good massage.  But, I also want you to give your body the quiet time for healing.  It's your session, so please find the balance that works for you.

     At the end of the massage, I will leave the room while you dress.  When I reenter the room, you may choose to float your way out the door or we may take a few minutes to go over some self-care options and schedule your next appointment.  

     If you would like more information, please feel free to call me or check out my Frequently Asked Questions (
FAQs)page.  I am looking forward to working with you.  Please call soon to make your appointment.

What To Expect From Your Massage

Mt Lebo Massage

250 Mt Lebanon Blvd. #418